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omg she seriously just said what I think she did....

Just updated with:

CECIL - Namida 98
Chocolat - Roller Girl (Instrumental)
Leah Dizon - Love Paradox
Inamori Hisayo - GIRLS STYLE
Ishida Yuko - Missin' U
Kitamura Hitomi - CAT'S EYE
La Vie En Rose - Hi
LISA - crave
MEILIN - Oneul Bam Eottae
Ogura Yuko - Eien Loverin

Last week I updated with:

3nin Matsuri - Chu! Natsu Party
Aira Mitsuki - China Discotica
Candies - Heart no Ace ga Detekonai
capsule - Eternity
Chocolat - Roller Girl
"E"qual ft. SORASANZEN, GRAND BEATZ - Warnin'
Humming Urban Stereo - Banana Shake
Kawabe Chieco - Shimauma no Yoru
Perfume - Secret Secret
Tata Young - Zoom

Also, requests are open and have been for the past couple of weeks now, and will likely continue to be open. Go to the list and see if there is anything you want, but you will need to be a friend of Sheki Music in order to request, and you can't request right here. ;P
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