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Asian Music LJs

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Welcome to Asian Music LJs! This community is where the top of the top AMLJs can gather and post notifications of their updates. Your admins are 58468_0/shekimusic and marlyjane.

There used to be a time when owning an AMLJ was a privilege, not a trend. Our goal is to bring back that time. While owning a music LJ is fun, you need to be dedicated to updating it. Show that you care about the music you upload. Therefore, the rules have become more elite if you wish to apply.

1. You must have been open for four months and have updated on a steady basis at least 11-12 times since then. We will do monthly checks to make sure you still update after getting in.

2. We'd prefer you find your own hosting space rather than just use free servers like YouSendIt or RapidShare. This guarantees YOU have total control over the files and can take responsibility if something is wrong. However, if you're able to prove you can stay dedicated and reliable even with five months of using one of these free servers, you can apply. It's all right to use this method as mirrors or back-up links for mp3s already hosted on a server. If you do go about uploading this way, you must reupload at least twice after the links expire within the time frame of your updates.

3. No reposting of other AMLJs' files within two months of them uploading it without express permission from the owner if exclusive. This is just tacky to do. If it's a common file (ex. Morning Musume, Hamasaki Ayumi, etc) then it's ok, but if it's something that's exclusive to the original music journal, then don't do it unless you get permission. Once earns you a warning, twice and you're banned from the community.

4. Include descriptions with your mp3s. This shows that you're not uploading mp3s for the hell of it.

5. If your journal is friends-only, you must have marlyjane and 58468_0 added. If you are friends-only, we suggest that you don't have a limit on how many people are allowed to view your LJ.

6. NO PERSONAL JOURNALS!!!! Some people mix music into their personal life and try to market it to downloaders. This is a big no. The only people who are going to care if your dog died or what you had for dinner last night are your friends, not random people downloading from you.

We will do a thorough evaluation of your music LJ before letting you in. We only want the best of the best.

Think you've got the stuff? Send us this filled-out application form. An application form sent to any of our other emails will be ignored. However, if you have not received a reply within two weeks, send an email to Wapiko letting her know she has new mail at the AMLJs inbox. You will not be faulted for it.

Music LJ name:
Music LJ URL:
How often you update:
Mp3 server:
Type of music uploaded:
Please write 3-4 sentences on why your music LJ should be accepted.

After you apply, add AMLJs to yours or your music journal's watch list and wait for us to get back to you. =)

Part of the community? Here's what you can post! :D

It's kind of an assumed thing, but basically what you do at AMLJs is post about what has been posted in your music LJ - do not post the actual music in AMLJs! If you would like examples of posts, just visit the community's front page. =) Images are fine to be posted in the community to go with your update, but if the image is bigger than 400px in width it must be behind a cut. All posts made to this community must be comment-enabled - in other words, people must be able to comment on the entries you post. A reminder will be given out the first time, but if it happens a second time you are in danger of being booted. D:

_staytuned_ - Updates every Friday with mostly Jpop, Cpop, and Kpop. Will post here as chibi_rei.
angelyrique - Updates with mostly Korean music weekly to biweekly.
anoutaokikitai - Has mostly anime music, but also some Jpop, Jrock, and VG music too. Will post here as xen0glossy. Updates every other Wednesday.
aodai - Updates weekendly (Friday!) with Jpop, Kpop, hell...just about anything Asian!
desi_beats - A community that updates with Indian and regional (Punjabi, Bangla, etc) music, Desi, Middle Eastern, and South/East Asian music among many. Will post here as khaki_29uk.
everdrifting - Uploads mostly Japanese, Chinese, and Korean music. Will post here as surrel.
koi_bumi - A music LJ that uploads with old, rare, and unique Asian pop of all kinds.
love_shine_mp3 - A music community that specializes mostly in mainstream Jpop.
martzb_mp3 - A big mp3 community that updates with music from all around the world, but focuses mostly on Asian music. Will post here as mizbrified_box.
mippas_music - Updates weekly with Japanese, Chinese, and Korean pop.
moldau - Updates Sundays with Jpop.
omg_look_music - Updates frequently with anime and jpop. (will post as animejpop or ketsune)
opm_mp3s - Has Filipino music. Will post here as jekert.
purana - Updates every Friday with Japanese and Korean music videos. Will post here as anglica.
rainbow_notes - A music LJ that uploads jpop, anime, and game music.
redsunsetxiii - Updates Wednesday nights with Jpop.
shekimusic - A music LJ that uploads every Friday, and if not Friday then at least once every weekend. Uploads Jpop, Kpop, Anime, Game, and English music.
tennyonokoe - A music community that updates weekly with Korean, Japanese, English, and Chinese music. shwinlewin will post here to let you know when it gets updated.
tooji - A Korean music community that updates semi-weekly. Will post here as iaoiua.
zhongwenmp3 - A music LJ that uploads Cpop every Monday.
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